Today's 22K Gold Rate :


If you are opting for 75% finance on your gold there is a processing fee of 2% on the borrowed money.

When you give your gold and collect money from us, your gold is put to use to make other ornaments, this is the reason as to why we do not charge any interest on the finance given. So on completion of payment, you can go through our wide range of jewellery at KFJ and choose what you want or you can customize your own ornament. Also, if you opt to buy jewellery somewhere else, we will give back your gold as gold coins, which can be used to purchase jewellery elsewhere.

Since india is moving towards a cashless economy we have been authorised to give a maximum of Rs.10,000 in hand. Money is generally transferred directly into your account by RTGS.

You can request for extension on the time period at the branch you availed the finance.

If the gold you give is not of 916 quality/purity, then cash will be given on the actual purity of your gold.

You can choose the monthly plan (or) the flexible instalment plan. At any time you can make full payment and take advantage of the market price.

GL+ is a group company of KFJ. KFJ has been around for 45 years. They have 4 branches throughout various parts of Chennai and still expanding.

At the time of authorization you will be given a pass book with details of your name, amount of gold given, finance availed and the terms and conditions of this gold finance.

Yes! On full payment of the borrowed money as gold weight, you can get your gold back as gold coins which can be used to buy ornaments at other stores of your choice but if you choose to redeem from KFJ - Chennai then no extra wastage charges and making charges will be applicable.

Yes! You can resell your gold at GL Plus with a certain service charge and no processing fee.

No! Selling rates vary. Depending on the quality/purity of the gold there will be certain deductions of up 5% to 10%.

Within 24 hours of validation/authentication your funds will be transferred to your account.

Yes. Your finance can be split into different quantities, so you can pay and redeem your gold in favourable quantities.

Yes! The customer has to get their gold loan slip from their gold loan/banking agency citing the amount of gold given. Then we will check the amount of gold given and give a gold finance of 65% for the gold with a recovery service charge of 3%. Once the gold is recovered from the other gold loan/banking agency, we will value the gold and give the remaining 10% of the cash on the same day.

Yes! Depending on the customer’s needs, the funds can be split and transferred into their various accounts.